Applicants for Vacant Board Seat


  • MARILYN GLAWSON – Having lived in Wilmington since 2003 I have always sought to improve the community around me.  Have actively cleaned hundreds of tags from both public and private properties in the neighborhood, participated in a seven (7) week C.E.R.T.course with the intent to provide emergency communications as a licensed ham radio operator (my call sign WB6OOM) to the community in case of disaster, e.g. earthquake or any other catastrophic event.  Have attended Neighborhood Watch meetings at a local church.  Attended the grand opening of our local police station. Participated in the Wilmington Parade as a member of our local Neighborhood Watch.   (Stakeholder Status:  Lives in Wilmington)

  • MARTIN LANG-ROMAN:  In times like these, community is one of the few things we have left. And with the globally raging pandemic, even that is under assault. I, Martin Lang-Roman, offer my work and dedication to the cause of upholding our community.  In the past, I’ve been a youth representative in my hometown of Dornbirn, Austria – Europe, and been a servant to the student transportation committee in Hamburg, Germany, where I studied Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering.
    I arrived in the US ten years ago, all of which I have spent living in the Harbor Area. This community is dear to me.  (Stakeholder Status – Lives in Wilmington)

  • SAMANTHA MARTINEZ –  I grew up in Wilmington playing softball and riding my bike every day in Banning Park. I grew up loving the history of Wilmington. I see Wilmington as often being overlooked and I want to be part of the process to improve Wilmington for all who work live or play in Wilmington. (Stakeholder Status:  Unconfirmed)

  • VALERIA SALCEDA – I am a lifelong resident of Wilmington. While 29 years as a resident may seem an inadequate reason to pursue a place on the neighborhood council I know that my professional experience and love of my city will make me a hardworking and dedicated representative.  (Stakeholder Status:  Lives in Wilmington)