BOARD CHAIR – Ignacio (Nacho) Ortiz
VICE-CHAIR:  Valerie Contreras
TREASURER:  Roque Pech
SECRETARY:  Sylvia Arredondo


Ernesto (Ernie) Aguilar
Nancy Anaya
Rick Cruz
Catherine (Cathy) Familathe
Monica Garcia-Massey
Margaret Hernandez
Robert Jones
Carlos Sanchez

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BOARD LIAISONS to City Departments:

HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils) – Roque Pech & Socorro Fimbres
Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance – Sylvia Arredondo
NC Emergency Preparedness Alliance – Ignacio Ortiz & Cathy Familathe
NC Budget Reps Roque Pech & Valerie Contreras
NC Budge Advocoate – Monica Garcia-Massey
Public Works – Valerie Contreras
Animal Services – Robert Jones & Sylvia Arredondo
DWP – Carlos Sanchez
Planning – Carlos Sanchez, Valerie Contreras & Rick Cruz
Filming – Rick Cruz, Monica Garcia-Massey & Ignacio Ortiz
Great Streets – Monica & Rick & Robert Jones & Margaret & Valerie
Employment – Monica & Margaret & Robert Jones
Vision Zero – Carlos Sanchez & Socorro Fimbres
Transportation – Carlos Sanchez, Sylvia Arredondo  & Rick Cruz
Gender Equality – Sylvia Arredondo & Nancy Anaya
Domestic Violence – Valerie Contreras
Affordable Housing – Ernie Aguilar & Margaret Hernandez
Homeless – Ernie Aguilar, Rick Cruz, Ignacio Ortiz and Nancy Anaya
Aging – Ernie Aguilar, Rick Cruz and Nancy Anaya
Port Ernie Aguilar, Rick Cruz, Ignacio Ortiz, Cathy Familathe, Valerie Contreras and Nancy Anaya
Building & Safety – Carlos Sanchez




  • Adair, Matthew  – SECRETARY – Member at Large (elected)
  • Arredondo, Sylvia – Member at Large (elected)
  • Caraballo-DiRuggiero, Marisela – Port of Los Angeles (appointed)
  • Domonoske, Dan – Business and Industry (selected)
  • Fimbres, Socorro – Labor (selected)
  • Grothe, Janet D. – Business and Industry (selected)
  • Hernandez, Arthur – Resident (selected)
  • Jasso, Robert – Resident (selected)
  • Kern, Gary – Seniors (selected)
  • Medel, Diana – Resident (selected)
  • Moreno, Cecilia – CHAIR – Non-Profit Fraternal (selected)
  • Ramirez, Alberto M. – Resident (selected)
  • Sanborn, Michael – Park Advisory (selected)
  • Sullivan, Patricia – Churches (selected)
  • Trani, Robert – Resident (selected)
  • Valladolid, Patricia – VICE CHAIR – Education (selected)
  • Wilson, Patrick – TREASURER – Business and Industry (selected)



Photos from 8th Anniversary celebration.  Our dinner was catered by the L.A. Harbor College Culinary Program and all the attendees were treated to a wonderful meal.




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