BOARD CHAIR: Ernie Aguilar (Employee Rep)
VICE-CHAIR:  Valerie Contreras (Residential Rep)
TREASURER:  Kim Luke (Owner Rep)
SECRETARY:  Christian Guzman (At Large Rep)


Nancy Anaya (Residential Rep)
Moises Cortes (At Large Rep)
Adolfo Fermin (Employee Rep)

Robert Jones (At Large Rep)
Denisse Martinez (Community Interest)
Patricia Salas (Residential Rep)
Steve Salas (Employee Rep)
Carlos Sanchez (Owner Rep)

Barbara Zepeda (Owner Rep)


(To email one of these board members visit the Empowerla website for email links.)


Bylaws Committee – 2nd Thursday of every month – 12pm-1pm
Location: Wilmington Municipal Building
Chair: Ernie Aguilar
Committee members: Sylvia Arredondo, Moises Cortes

Beautification Committee – 2nd Tuesday of every month – 6:30pm
Wilmington Public Library
1300 N. Avalon Blvd
Co-Chairs: Robert Jones & Kim Luke
Committee members: Valerie Contreras, Denisse Martinez

Budget & Finance Committee – 2nd Wednesday of every month – 6:30pm
Wilmington Public Library
Chair: Moises Cortres
Committee Members: Kim Luke, Sylvia Arredondo

Environmental Committee – 2nd Thursday of every month – 6:30pm
Wilmington Public Library
1300 N. Avalon Blvd
Chair: Sylvia Arredondo
Committee members: Kim Luke, Denisse Martinez, Christian Guzman

Planning and Land Use Committee – 2nd Monday of the month – 6:30pm
Wilmington Public Library
1300 N. Avalon Blvd
Chair: Valerie Contreras
Committee Members: Kim Luke, Barbara Zepeda, Steve Salas, Christian Guzman

Publicity & Communications Committee – 3rd Monday of the month
Co-Chairs: Denisse Martinez and Kim Luke
Committee Members: Nancy Anaya, Valerie Contreras

Public Safety Committee
Committee Members:  Nancy Anaya

Public Works Committee – 2nd Tuesday of every month – 6pm
Wilmington Public Library
Chair: Carlos Sanchez
Committee members:  Valerie Contreras

Transportation – 2nd Tuesday of every month – 7pm
Wilmington Public Library
Chair: Carlos Sanchez
Committee members:

Youth Ad Hoc Committee – 3rd Wednesday of the month
Committee Members:  Denisse Martinez, Robert Jones

Christmas Ad Hoc Committee – as needed
Committee Members:  Valerie Contreras, Kim Luke, Moises Cortez, Nancy Anaya, Denisse Martinez.

**Ad Hoc Committees – Board members may meet without public notice as long as there are only 2-3 board members.  Should you also meet with stakeholders on the subject matter for the ad hoc committee, you MUST follow the Brown Act.**

BOARD LIAISONS to City Departments:

HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils) – Cathy Familathe & Sylvia Arredondo
Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance – Sylvia Arredondo
NC Emergency Preparedness Alliance – Cathy Familathe
NC Budget Reps Roque Pech & Valerie Contreras
NC Budge Advocate – Roque Pech
Public Works – Valerie Contreras
Animal Services – Robert Jones & Sylvia Arredondo
DWP – Carlos Sanchez
Planning – Carlos Sanchez & Valerie Contreras
Filming – Kim Luke
Great Streets – Robert Jones &  Valerie
Employment – Robert Jones
Vision Zero – Carlos Sanchez & Socorro Fimbres
Transportation – Carlos Sanchez & Sylvia Arredondo
Gender Equality – Sylvia Arredondo & Nancy Anaya
Domestic Violence – Valerie Contreras
Affordable Housing – Ernie Aguilar
Homeless – Ernie Aguilar and Nancy Anaya
Aging – Ernie Aguilar and Nancy Anaya
Port Ernie Aguilar, Cathy Familathe, Valerie Contreras and Nancy Anaya
Building & Safety – Carlos Sanchez





  • Adair, Matthew  – SECRETARY – Member at Large (elected)
  • Arredondo, Sylvia – Member at Large (elected)
  • Caraballo-DiRuggiero, Marisela – Port of Los Angeles (appointed)
  • Domonoske, Dan – Business and Industry (selected)
  • Fimbres, Socorro – Labor (selected)
  • Grothe, Janet D. – Business and Industry (selected)
  • Hernandez, Arthur – Resident (selected)
  • Jasso, Robert – Resident (selected)
  • Kern, Gary – Seniors (selected)
  • Medel, Diana – Resident (selected)
  • Moreno, Cecilia – CHAIR – Non-Profit Fraternal (selected)
  • Ramirez, Alberto M. – Resident (selected)
  • Sanborn, Michael – Park Advisory (selected)
  • Sullivan, Patricia – Churches (selected)
  • Trani, Robert – Resident (selected)
  • Valladolid, Patricia – VICE CHAIR – Education (selected)
  • Wilson, Patrick – TREASURER – Business and Industry (selected)



Photos from 8th Anniversary celebration.  Our dinner was catered by the L.A. Harbor College Culinary Program and all the attendees were treated to a wonderful meal.





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