STANDING COMMITTEES:  Limit active board member participation in committee to 3 board members.  If there are 4 or more board members in a Committee meeting, it is suggested for a board member to claim they are a resident.  Every board member should participate in a Standing Committee.  Standing Committees MUST follow the Brown Act.

Beautification Committee – 2nd Monday of the month – 6:00pm – Joint Meetings with Planning & Land Use
Wilmington Public Library (except holidays)
1300 N. Avalon Blvd
Chair: Steve Contreras
Committee members: Pending

Bylaws Committee – 2nd Thursday of every month – 12pm-1pm
Location: Wilmington Municipal Building
Chair: Ernie Aguilar
Committee members: Pending

Budget & Finance Committee – 2nd Thursday of every month – 6:00pm
Wilmington Public Library
Chair: Gina Martinez
Committee Members: Pending

Environmental Committee – Meeting Info Pending
Wilmington Public Library
1300 N. Avalon Blvd
Chair: Pending
Committee members: Pending

Planning and Land Use Committee – 2nd Monday of the month – 6:00pm Joint Meetings with Beautification
Wilmington Public Library (except holidays)
1300 N. Avalon Blvd
Chair: Valerie Contreras
Committee Members: Pending

Publicity & Communications Committee – 3rd Monday of the month
Co-Chairs: Pending
Committee Members: Valerie Contreras, Nancy Luna, Gina Martinez

Public Works Committee – Meeting Info Pending
Wilmington Public Library
Chair: Pending
Committee members:  Pending

Transportation – Meeting Info Pending
Wilmington Public Library
Chair: Carlos Sanchez
Committee members: Pending

**Ad Hoc Committees – Board members may meet without public notice as long as there are only 2-3 board members.  Should you also meet with stakeholders on the subject matter for the ad hoc committee, you MUST follow the Brown Act.**

BOARD LIAISONS to City Departments:

NC Budget Reps –  Pending
NC Budget Advocates – Regina Martinez and Valerie Contreras
Public Works – Carlos Sanchez
Animal Services – Pending
Planning – Valerie Contreras
Filming – Barbara Zepeda
Great Streets – Nancy Luna
Employment – Ernie Aguilar
Vision Zero – Barbara Zepeda, Carlos Sanchez
Transportation – Carlos Sanchez
Gender Equality – Nancy Luna
Domestic Violence – Valerie Contreras
Affordable Housing – Steve Contreras
Homelessness – Steve Contreras, Gina Martinez, Ernie Aguilar, Valerie Contreras
Aging – Gina Martinez
Port –  Valerie Contreras, Ernie Aguilar
Building & Safety –
HANC (Harbor Alliance of Neighborhood Councils) – Pending
Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance – Pending
NC Emergency Preparedness Alliance – Pending


Meeting Hospitality Coordinators –
 (Meeting Set-up/Break Down, resource table set up, location signage, place cards, facility, food, beverage) – Barbara Zepeda, Valerie Contreras, Ernie Aguilar, Steve Contreras and anyone who can pitch in.

Social Media Coordinators – Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to work with the executive officers on updates:  Gina Martinez, Valerie Contreras and Nancy Luna.

Anniversary Event Coordinators – Full board