Vacant Board Seats

The Wilmington NC has declared 2 board seats vacant:

  • Vacant seat: At-Large Representative – (applicant must live, work, or own property in the Wilmington boundaries)
  • Vacant Seat: Residential Representative (applicant must live in Wilmington NC boundaries)

Seats filled are for the remainder of the 2- year term.

Application process: Applications will only be received by sending them via email  to:

No physical application deliveries to board members or via US mail or NC office drop off.
Application deadline is September 18, 2019.  No applications will be accepted after this date.


Directions on how to use the application:

  • You need to download acrobat if you don’t have it.
  • Open the application where it says “download the application” on the WNC Website
  • Once the application is open, right click with your mouse and SAVE it to your computer
  • The application file name is Candidate-application-WNC
  • Once you have saved it to your computer, close the online document
  • Find and open the document on your computer under downloads or documents: Candidate-application-WNC
  • Once you open it- notice that the pdf right hand side gives you the option to sign & fill so select that
  • Once you select sign & fill, choose ME not others
  • You can fill out the application & sign it. Create a signature
  • Save the file under a slightly different name: i.e. Candidate Application WNC 2019
  • Now you can go to your email and attach that new file and email it to